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Discover Ireland: the hidden treasures of the Emerald Island.

Discover Ireland: spring 2012 in the Grand Canal.

RTE News 'Six One' 02/03/2012 - 'Underwater Ireland, just below the surface.

Best episodes of 2009 - 2010

Investigating the killer invaders in Irish waters.

Perch reproduction cycle: spawning, eggs development.

The eye - I'm watching you.

Watching pike spawning with Ross Macklin.

Snorkelling with triggerfish in Kerry, Ireland.

Snorkelling with rays in Donegal, Ireland.

Brook Lamprey spawning in wild. HD. Underwater footage. Ireland.

Pike spawning.

Spring pike underwater

Only spring tench underwater

Perch underwater

Pike fishing with Mick Flanagan and testing new Revo Shad lure.

Snorkelling in Seabass kingdom.

On the bottom of river Liffey. Ireland.

Spring underwater in the Grand Canal, Ireland.

Another beautiful day in the Grand Canal.

Snorkelling in Malin Beg, Donegal, Ireland (2009).

Snorkelling in Malin Beg, Donegal, Ireland. HD video (2010).

I'm watching you... (static underwater camera in the Grand Canal, Ireland).

Sea drifters.

Wreck snorkelling. Bantry Bay, Ireland.

Lough Derravaragh & Lough Sheelin, Ireland. Underwater video.

Stalking predators: freshwater eel & perch in HD.

Night snorkelling in Grand Canal, Ireland.

Night snorkelling in Kerry, Ireland.

Giant lobster underwater.

Busy traffic (static camera in the Grand Canal, Ireland).

Snorkelling in Marine Reserve Lough Hyne

Garnish West Bantry Bay day & night

Feeding freshwater eel underwater. Fish camera. Ireland.

Snorkelling with seabass. Ireland 2007. (Video from my second channel on YouTube)

Watch pike hunting.

Snorkeling in Stremstown Bay, Connemara.

Snorkeling in Clifden Bay, Connemara, Ireland.

On the bottom of Robertstown Harbour, Grand Canal.

Feeding lobster underwater.

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Coming soon: More of Connemara; Bantry Bay; Lough Ennell day & night; Kerry Kenmare Bay, On the bottom of the river Inny, Life of Newts and Crayfish, and more.


Please use the secure PayPal button above to support 'Underwater Ireland'.

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