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By supporting "Underwater Ireland" you are supporting

the entire Biodiversity Program in Ireland.

Think Green - think Ireland!


Please use the secure PayPal button above to support 'Underwater Ireland'.

I started this project as my hobby and also because I wanted to show other people that Ireland was very beautiful not only above but under water as well. So for a long time I could work on it only when I had a chance: I had to catch the sun (itís important for underwater filming) and calm weather, be free off work and my family duties, be able to travel, etc. As a result my project was progressing very slowly but I wasnít too worried because most importantly I was enjoying what I was doing. But I discovered a very important side of my project when a professor and marine biologist from Trinity College found my videos on the internet. He explained to me that my photos and videos could not only be used to promote snorkelling, tourism and art, could not only be used for education and researches and the protection of the environment, but they could also positively affect the development of the whole Irish economy if the information about my work would reach the public.

     And the reason is simple: all my photos were taken and all my videos were recorded while snorkelling right below the surface in different freshwater estuaries and the sea in Ireland only. All those views in my photos and videos are visual attractions and they are a very valuable natural resource which with the right utilization can earn millions of real money for the Irish economy. But at this moment this Natureís gift is absolutely not being used which actually means that we are wasting our resources. Itís an unforgivable mistake in relation to the entire nation and it will be an even bigger mistake if we keep ignoring it. Iím doing my best in order to deliver this information to public, to make all people around the world aware of these hidden treasures. But I canít do everything alone. I need help. We all will benefit if we make these priceless resources work for us. Our country, our nation, our kids deserve a better life and a better future so why wait for someone to help us? Letís do it ourselves and letís do it now. Please contact me on to get full details about how you can participate in the development of this project.

If you are a company or if you are representing some business in exchange for your help and your support I could promote your brand and your production or your services:

- on my website;

- at my exhibitions;

- on my video channel on YouTube which has more than 2.000.000 views at this moment;

- in every my video;

- I can print your information on the back of my postcards or on the stickers of my DVD;

- I can produce a promotional video for you and I can promote it on the internet.

There are many other ways to take part in the development of this project and I would be glad to hear your ideas and propositions. In order to help this project progress faster you do not need to be a company or to be rich. You just need to believe that Ireland deserves a better future, that people should know about all this hidden beauty, that our children should be able to see clear water and all this beautiful wildlife not in pictures only, that together we can do much more. If you could help with recourses, finances, materials, service Ė itís great and it would help so much but if you canít help with any of those Ė you still can help loads by sending the information about my project and my videos with my e-mail address to anyone you think might be interested. Maybe they would be able to help, or if they also send this information further Ė someday the information will reach the right person at the right time. If you wish to help but you have different ideas, propositions or suggestions Iíd be happy to talk to you any time. In exchange I promise to work as hard as I can to help this country and its people now and in the future.

Because I want our children to breathe the same fresh air and to see the same green hills. I want them to be able to show their children what Iíve discovered for myself and what Iím happy to share with all of you.

So here below is a list of my sponsors and supporters. I'll be happy to add your name to it.


Additional information to the viewers of my channel on youtube:


There are a few options below for those who would like to support this project (and as a result to support the entire biodiversity programme in Ireland) but canít provide funds:


- Help with advertising and promotion by sharing the information about this project in any possible way: word of mouth, email, facebook, etc;


- Help with printing: I would like to print postcards, leaflets, calendars, stamps, posters, etc. If you decide to help with this, in every product that you print apart from my images you could display your own information.


- Help with finding venues and organizing exhibitions, in Ireland and abroad. You could display your own information there.


- Help to screen my video production. I can produce a HD or a full HD promotional video of any length for your screens, TV sets, monitors, projectors. Iíll fully credit you in that production.


- Provide free services and goods. So, if you own any business which can provide any essential service or goods Ė

I would them with great gratitude accept and offer different options of promotion to you in exchange. I would also be happy to add names of my supporters to my website so please let me know if you wish to be included in the list.


Apart from my underwater videos I can produce any type of digital video production (including promotional) where

I can also use my exclusive underwater footage (existing or upcoming). This can be particularly useful for hotels

who would like to attract more attention, promote their business more efficiently, add a new activity to their list of activities (Iím talking about snorkelling), host snorkelling, free-diving and scuba-diving (I can help to organize this), organize underwater photo & video exhibitions, organize underwater photo & video workshops

(I can help to organize and to run them).


Please let me know if you are interested in any of these opportunities, and weíll discuss all details.


Announcement: I'm looking for funds to launch a new project called "The Virtual Explorer". It can be video based or/and web-based. At this moment no other country and no other company has anything similar so it would be the first interactive educational internet directory which can be used for many different purposes, for example to increase the volume of tourism to Ireland and in Ireland, to promote Irish visual attraction both above and under water and to promote the Irish accommodation providers Ė all things that are so important at this particular time.  It also could be translated in different languages which will increase the volume of foreign visitors even more, and for Irish people it will definitely be the best possible guide where to go next weekend or even tomorrow. Itís obvious that this product will attract lots of attention, and as a result many people from different regions and countries will visit that website. Please contact me if you are interested to participate or to support it in any possible way. Here is a rough video based example - Virtual Explorer: a journey to Hook Head, Ireland


List of my sponsors and supporters.

Brian Redmond from "Spin Dance & Fitness" -

UK branch of ScubaPro-Uwatec -  

Dr. Carlos Rocha, Associate Editor, Journal of Sea Research

Lecturer in Environmental Change Centre for the Environment Trinity College Dublin

Dr. Carlos Rocha helped to organize and to host my first exhibition.

Zoology Museum in Trinity College which hosted my first exhibition.

Polish Society who hosted my second exhibition

Please use the secure PayPal button above to support 'Underwater Ireland'.

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