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Before I always avoided to film or to take photos of all trash and rubbish I saw above and underwater because it looked scary. But Iíve decided to change that: from now on Iíll also display all the ugly stuff that is hiding from most eyes. I want to show it to you because maybe it will help people understand that if they throw something in the water in doesnít disappear Ė itís just not visible for most of us but at the same time it is polluting our water and our entire environment. If you have your own photos of pollutions, littering, spillages etc. in any gallery online and you want people to see them Ė please send me a link to your page and Iíll display it here with the information about you. Or send me your photos and Iíll add them to my pollution gallery. Lets fight together to protect our clean air and our clear water!

My first videos related to the environment:

The fact we shouldn't ignore.

Poaching in Ireland: removal of illegal crayfish traps

Shocking discovery on Lough Owel, Ireland

Investigating the killer invaders in Irish waters

Dead basking shark found on the shore in Connemara, Ireland.

A pile of dead crabs underwater in Donegal.

Catch & release: who's killing fish in the Grand Canal, Ireland.

What is killing crayfish in the lake Owel in Ireland?


National Parks in Ireland

A Quick Guide to Protected Species in Ireland

Important information about crayfish in Ireland


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