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This page is currently in development, and I'll update it very soon.

So, for now I'll briefly explain you why I love snorkeling: comparing to other underwater activities it's very easy to perform. It's safer and cheaper, but at the same time it's a very adventurous activity. If you've ever tried it - you understand what I mean. And if you have never tried it - trust me, there is something absolutely special waiting for you. Please click here to watch my very short demonstrational underwater video and imagine all those views within your grasp!

And what's most exciting here - in reality you can access them easily because they are right beside your home! It's very simple and at the same time very exciting, you'll see by yourself when you try it! 

The most important part of getting ready for snorkeling is choosing the right snorkeling gear. And if you wish to feel safe and comfortable you need a brand you can trust and that you can use for a very long time. After trying a few different options I chose "ScobaPro" gear - If you live in Dublin you can get it from the "Great Outdoors" - where apart from the gear itself you can get a friendly, helpful advice and recommendations. 


Lately Iím getting more and more enquiries about best spots for snorkelling in Ireland. So I have decided to share what I know with you here instead of writing personal mails every time. For now Iíll give you a list of spots I personally like and that I would suggest to try. Later I'm planning to add a full description with maps. If you know a nice place you would like to suggest Ė simply send me an email and Iíll add that information with your name to the entire listing. So let's start from the top.

1.  - White Strand and Cove Harbour in Castlecove in Kerry - video

2.  - Silver Strand in Malin Beg in Donegal - video

3.  - Mulroy Bay in Donegal - video

4.  - Streamstown Bay and Connemara - video

5.  - Dunquin, Dingle peninsula - video

6.  - Greystones and Hook Head.

7.  - Grand Canal - video

8.  - Freshwater lakes (Deravarrag, Shellin, Lene, Owel) - video1   video2   video3


To get some basic information about snorkeling please follow the links below.


Snorkeling - Discover the World Beneath the Waves!


Snorkeling Basics


And please visit my underwater picture and video gallery to see everything with your own eyes!

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